Sail Morotai 2012

This year, the race of sailboats Sail Indonesia will be held during the months of June to September. This race will put the island of Morotai in North Maluku as its target. the peak activity  event of Sail Morotai 2012 took place on September 14th 2012 in the Gulf of historic Daruba. The president of Republic of Indonesia opened the Sail Morotai event officially yesterday.

the theme of Sail Indonesia this year is “Towards a New Era Pacific Regional Economy”. Hopefully these activities not only to put Morotai into the map of world tourism destination but also to improve the economy of the Morotai itself.

Sail Morotai 2012  featured a variety of activities, such as: sailboats racing, International seminars, nautical sports, cultural festivals, and exhibition of various products of small and medium enterprises.

It presented approximately 120 sailboats enliven this international activity. The ships were not only depart from Darwin (Australia) but also from Davao (Philippines) and Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia). Overall, Sail Morotai is expected to attract around 5,000 visitors from Australia, the United States, Japan, and other countries.

Morotai Island is known as the “Pearl of the Pacific in the mouth”. A beautiful island with a huge marine potential. In the waters there are approximately 160 species of high economic value fish reaching 148,473.8 tons per year. Therefore, the region has the potential to be developed as an industrial area integrated maritime and fisheries and marine tourism and history.

Operation of Sail Morotai 2012, aims to put Morotai in the world tourism destinations as a tourist location history. This island does have an important historical value which is one of the first location of World War II. At that time, Allied forces under the command of General Douglas MacArthur landed on Morotai and defeated the Japanese army.


The Beauty of Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is one of  tourist destinations which is located in south of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency. This area has become a mainstay tourist destination of Bali since 70’s. Kuta beach are often referred to sunset beach.  On the south, the beach is fenced by the airport’s runway, which gives the visitors a breathtaking landing experience. Kuta Beach bustles with tourists’ vendors and locals. It’s the most popular beach in Bali and the island’s number one party zone. The beach stretches as far north as the eyes can see. As short walk away north, the waves will invite to surfing. Rapid development and an influx of visitors haven’t kept the surfers away and Kuta still remains one of Bali’s best surfing beaches and a great place to enjoy a beach lifestyle.

While the surfers are still part of the Kuta scene, it’s the shopping, nightlife and party vibes that attracts thousands of visitors. There’s a huge choice of accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. The accommodation in Kuta range from a modest home stay for a few dollars a night to luxurious, five star, international hotels costing several hundred to several thousand dollars a night. Legian Street, situated directly behind the row of hotels that face the beach, is lined with shops of all varieties. We can find any Balinese handicrafts here, from the least expensive to the most exquisite; or unique stores such as the leather store staffed by two young Balinese men that will perfectly sculpt a leather jacket. (They are all extremely talented artists). _At night, Kuta is alive with night life. Western influences create discotheques, dance clubs, and pubs. Gastronomical demands inspire a multitude of restaurants, serving traditional Indonesian and Balinese food to various ethnic meals from Japan, Switzerland, etc. As if these were not enough, various Balinese dance performances are staged in Kuta every night. One of the best Kecak performances is found in Kuta.


Raja Ampat merupakan salah satu Kabupaten di provinsi Papua Barat. dinamakan Raja Ampat karena terdapat 4 pulau utama yg merupakan penghasil lukisan batu kuno. sumber lain ( mengatakan karena ada 4 kerajaan yg dikuasai oleh 2 kerajan besar asal Maluku Utara yaitu Kerajaan Bacan dan Kerajaan Ternate. pulau-pulau di Raja Ampat sangatlah luas, mencakup 4,6 juta hektar tanah dan laut. Di sinilah rumah bagi 540 jenis karang, 1.511 spesies ikan, serta 700 jenis moluska. Kekayaan biota ini telah menjadikan Raja Ampat sebagai perpustakaan hidup dari koleksi terumbu karang dan biota laut paling beragam di dunia.
Raja Ampat merupakan tempat yg sangat cocok untuk menghabiskan waktu liburan anda, selain pergi ke Bali.